- we can assist you with everything in the world of the arabian horse -


All questions regarding the daily care of horses, feeding, a foaling mare, grooming, training etc.


Advice in breeding questions and choice of stallion. The farm has its own stallions and often a leased stallion from another country to serve mares.

In addition to that we have frozen semen from different top stallions here, and we can offer to take care of the artificial insemination of your mare.


Extremely good cooperation with a professional vetenarian.

Advice concerning purchase of Arabians.

We usually have a wide selection of sales horses in the stables, horses for breeding or riding, young stock or older horses all in different pricecatagories.


Through our good connections in Denmark and other countries we are always pleased to help you, to find exactly the horse you are dreaming about.





Great experience in show training. Over the years several titles have been taken home, in Denmark as well as in the rest of Europe.


More than 50 Champion or res. Champions titles have been won.


In our training program we give a high priority to get to know each individual horse and arrange the training the best possible way.


All horses are at the pastures every day, and will be worked for condition and schooled 6 days a week.





The horses will be stabled in good and solid boxes, and will in all ways be taken very good care of.


We have a lot of fun with the show training, but the greatest feeling is the trust that our clients have

shown us over the years.





We welcome everybody to contact us for more information.


We are always happy to show you our horses and we like to have a nice conversation - please contact us to arrange a visit.